Privacy statement

For more than 10 years Consumatrix works with self-built databases of herself and those of renowned partners and customers. Working with and exchanging of personal data and of course, requires the monitoring in and compliance with all current legal rules and codes of conduct around privacy and security.


Consumatrix has its own privacy officer and uses a security policy with respect to:

  • Organisational measures, such as job descriptions and employment agreements
  • Manage assets such as laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • Physical security of its server center in Apeldoorn
  • Access and authorization of staff
  • Maintenance and development of systems (software and hardware)
  • Accountability building Consumatrix data and use by clients
  • Structural consultation with and advice from its own privacy lawyer


The databases containing personal data accumulated by Consumatrix are also registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. It is not defined “excess” data, each consumer is informed and he always has the right to access their data and have it removed.


We understand better than anyone the importance of the security and privacy of your and our data. So you can be completely confident that your data is in good hands with us.


We are members of the DDMA and following privacy guidelines of the Privacy Waarborg.